ASI Calibrations Labs is your one stop measurement source. We offer on-site, in-lab and dedicated time in-lab calibration services. In addition we offer numerous brands of measurement equipment such as Ohaus and Extech.


In-Lab Calibrations


In one or both of our locations we can provide quick turn around at competitive pricing on our calibration services.

On-Site Calibrations


On-site calibrations are available in Alabama, N.W. Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and East Texas. It is our goal to perform 80%+ of your calibrations on-site if this service level is chosen.



Dedicated In-Lab Calibrations

These calibrations are where we dedicate a technician solely to your work on a specified day and time. This helps eliminate downtime on critical units that may not qualify for on-site due to a lower volume or equipment that must be calibrated in-lab for environmental or other reasons. Call us to discover how we help eliminate down time.

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