ASI was one of the premier “one stop measurement” solutions at the beginning of the new millennium.

Many traditional labs attempted to start providing on-site services but just weren't equipped for it.

Many industrial scale companies tried to get in the “calibration business”, there are less than 6 that survived.

ASI was built from the ground up to go on-site. We addressed it with the “emergency service” mentality we brought from the industrial weigh scale business. Everything is right away and when on-site we do whatever it takes to finish in a timely manner.

We take that same mentality in our labs and get real anxious when a client's equipment has been on a shelf for more than 4 days. The most important aspect is we talk to our clients. We don't hide behind a fancy web site or a complicated phone system that leaves you wondering if a human actually exists in the building.


Our Vision.


To be our client's one stop source for all their measurement equipment needs. To provide over 95% of our client's calibration needs in house or on-site with competitive outsourcing for the rest. For our clients to be more than just a customer today, but for life.

Our History.

ASI has been in operation since 1972. The founder Bobby Tew opened the business to provide industrial weighing scales service. In 1988 current president Lawson Hill joined the company as an independent contractor. In 1999 he along with company Vice President Jerry Suiter, purchased the company when Mr. Tew retired. It was at this time the company name was changed to Alabama Scale & Instrument, Inc. This was also the beginning of the calibration lab division of the company. The company began to grow rapidly serving customers in 4 states in the deep south with a unique and seldom matched on-site calibration capability.

In 2007 Accurate Solutions of Marshall, Tx was acquired. This added the hard gage (gage blocks, thread plugs/rings) capability within a strict temperature controlled calibration lab to the company offerings. In 2016 a temperature controlled lab was built in Mobile, AL with the gage block and threads operations moving to that location.

It was in 2007 being of multi-state locations, the company began to do business dba: ASI Calibration Labs.
The company continues to grow and offers new services to a variety of industries including but not limited to; Aviation, Ship Building, Automotive, Construction, Electronics, Energy, Scientific and Manufacturing.
Our mission is simply to provide sales and calibration of test and measurement equipment on-site or in our laboratories. Through collaborative client partnerships, continuous improvement, and technological innovation, we strive to build mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, our vendors and within the communities we serve.
Our laboratories are located in Mobile, Al conveniently located near the major interstate intersection of I-10 and I-65. The Marshall, Tx lab is conveniently located on Hwy 59 just north of interstate I-20.

Our clients are located primarily in the Southern states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas. We however can proudly say we have served clients in all 50 states and receive equipment for calibration from all over North America.
Our laboratory is accredited by The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) complying to ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

You can view our scopes of accreditation here:

Mobile AL

Marshall, TX